I grew up in The Bay Area where I began to study art as a child with my painter father. As a young adult, I studied painting with artist Leigh Hyams. While taking a break from painting for a period of time (due to an exceptionally small apartment and grad school), I took up letterpress and linocut block printing.

My current work is inspired by the wildfires that have occured in the Pacific Northwest, where I live, and in California, where I'm from. I am interested in the simultaneous feelings of loss and awe that are present in these disasters, as well as the way they upset the calm of pastoral scenes when they are in the distance.

When painting, I work in acrylic on canvas and wood panel, but I have worked in multiple mediums including watercolor, pastel, block printing, letterpress, book arts, etc. Basically, if I don't have the exact tool I'm looking for, I'll use whatever is handy to make a mark.

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